Urban Air Trampoline - TX

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Took the kids a couple weeks ago. I wrote them this - - Was a bit disappointed that we normal get the adult plus child price since that is what one of the front desk people told us was the best price for a 4 and 7 yr old to jump. The manager was less than accommodating. Please make sure the staff is all on the same page. On top of the fact a staff member departed the restroom knowing that it was in need of servicing. We had to use the opposite restroom due to his lack of work ethic.---

Their response was not that great… I followed up with this -

I'm a bit disappointed in the lack of customer service. I understand the prices are posted but it was the staff that incorrectly charged us. I think at the least the price should have been honored that time b/c it was the staff that was incorrectly advertising the price. They were looking at for the interest of the customer NOT making money. Not even a coupon was offered for our inconvenience. I have read several reviews that I'm not the only one that has had these types of issues(sited on Google and Trip Advisor). My son also as SDP and I was going to recommend this facility to his ISD as a place to take kids that also have special needs since movement and texture is a very therapeutic. I review many play areas for 3 social groups around the area and I'd have to say this has left my indecisive.

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